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We Consulting and Maintrac take the lead in the broadband market

Maintrac and We Consulting draw on the map of Broadband Sweden. With a new and common principal owner, they now form a corporate group that together becomes a strong leading player in the industry. With the owner Sobro as the new main owner, growth will be a clear focus in the future.

"We will now be able to take on assignments as a comprehensive supplier both in terms of the ongoing broadband expansion and the transition to 5G for the mobile network. We also focus on IT consulting and technical solutions for the energy market, "said Pierre Wallgren, CEO of We Consulting.

Together, the two companies have approximately 210 employees divided into 11 locations in Sweden and Norway. The total turnover is approximately 280 million. The ambition is that the merged group will grow by another 30 people until the end of the year. In addition to organic growth, the corporate group will complement strategic acquisitions with the aim of becoming an even stronger supplier and employer.

"Together with We Consulting, we can now offer turnkey solutions where we see that demand is growing. This means that we can come into question for assignments where we as individual actors were previously perceived to be small or niche, "said Tor Borrhed, CEO and Managing Director of Maintrac.

The company's focus in the coming years is to help the various players in the market to achieve the Broadband Goal 2025 set up by the government. In the long run, there are also new business opportunities in the European market where broadband expansion has not come as far as Sweden.

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