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From headache to vitamin injection

Från Huvudvärk Till Vitamininjektion


We have been and are good at building fiber in Sweden. World class, of course. Sometimes it has only been a little fast and now that we get into the phase of developing the investment it is clear to many that you can better understand their network. Bengt who had the most in his head might have finished, the contractor has not come in with the foundation yet in two years and what GIS system should you choose? There is a lot to be done and it is easy to get a little headache regardless of whether you are fiber-optic, urban network owner or operator.

This is where we come in. We know what vitamin injection a good documentation used is intelligent in the business. It opens new opportunities to create benefits for users - more features, more stable operation and more efficient work. And not least, you can focus on development instead of quenching fires and investing energy in costly investigations.

We are the real experts in fiber networks and have, among other things, been involved in developing the industry standard Robust fiber. We work with both large and small fiber networks where we focus on transferring knowledge, relieving the organization and helping the customer to develop his business. And our customer surveys show that we're successful - with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 60, we're in the realm of customer satisfaction.

Everyone has come a long way in the documentation journey. Our mission is to help you achieve goals, safely and efficiently. Our experienced consultants know the pitfalls and guide the work with safe hand, from finding the right GIS system and integrating with your other systems for inventory of the network and training of the organization.

Together, with intelligent documentation on site, we can make more use for users, offer more features in the network and real digitalization. With full control and efficient operation, it is possible to focus on development, expansion and benefit - a vitamin injection in both the network and society.

For more information, please contact:
Jakob Brycki
+46 704 54 25 42

Tobias Stranninge
+46 722 23 90 38

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